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Part One: Callow, Meet Matt

Before Matt's mother is abducted, he is navigating high school life and trying to hook up with the girl of his dreams, Amy. This conversation with Emily, Amy's best friend, illustrates how innocent and naive Matt is when this series starts. By the end of Callow he has started down a very dark path that leads to unforgivable betrayal.

+++++ Matt became more annoyed with himself as the day moved on. He had sent a couple more texts to Amy when he had the chance, mostly emojis with varying degrees of happy to sad faces. When he got to history class, he was seriously thinking of skipping, but he wasn’t that type of student. He also had his first full appointment with Lance that afternoon and didn't want to risk getting in trouble. Matt sat in his usual spot in the back row, but a minute later Emily took the seat next to him. “You’re in trouble,” she whispered to him. “Why?’ “Amy’s mad at you?” “How do you know that?” “Well, she’s upset about something, and you were the last one to see her last night, weren't you?” Emily said sympathetically. “What did you do?” “I have no idea,” Matt answered honestly. “Well you better fix it fast.” “Why do you care?” Matt was confused. “Liam and I are going out Saturday. He suggested it be a double date; he thought you and Amy could join us?” “Really?” Matt asked, confused. “Have you told Amy this?” “Yeah, but she said to ask you?” Emily looked at him with pleading eyes. “Promise you will fix whatever you did and come on this date? I’m not sure Liam will still go if you aren’t there?” “I’ll see what I can do.” Matt laughed to himself, it was bad enough he messed up any relationship he had with Amy before it even started. Now the fate of Liam and Emily’s relationship also rested on him. “You’re the best,” Emily whispered quietly as Mr. Roland started his lesson. “Thanks, maybe you can tell that to Amy,” he said, leaning a little closer to her so they wouldn’t be overheard. “So, she really didn’t say why she was mad?” “Not really, she just said she had a really bad night and didn’t want to talk about it. Did something happen at the hospital?” “A really bad night? You sure that’s what she said?” “Yeah what happened?” “Well, we kissed, but I didn’t think it was that bad,” Matt whispered. Emily covered her mouth with her hands. Her body was shaking as she worked hard to hold in the laugh. “I’m so glad I amuse you,” Matt said sarcastically. “I’m sorry,” Emily eventually said, wiping tears from her eyes. “Have you tried texting her?” “Yeah, all she said was we will talk later. She hasn’t responded all afternoon.” “Look Matt, I’m not sure what you did, but I doubt it was the kiss. No one can be that bad at kissing, not even you.” Because you think I'm a six, Matt thought. “So, whatever it is, just apologize and make sure you guys can join us Saturday.” Suddenly Emily shot her hand up in the air and Mr. Roland called on her. “In 1989 when Gorbachev met with George Bush Sr.,” Emily said. “That is correct, Emily, well done,” Mr. Roland replied. Matt just stared at Emily, confused. “He asked when and how the Cold War ended, weren’t you listening?” Emily explained. “No, I guess I’ll have to borrow your notes again.” Matt leaned back in his chair and tried to focus on the class, but he could only think of Amy.

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